Friday, April 15, 2011

My Dad is Very Helpful and I See Hard Labor in my Future

Last time I showed you the veggie garden area, it was looking pretty nicely weed free, but still needed new raised planters.

I don't have a big truck so I called my dad and he took me over to Home Depot where I was able to buy enough wood to make 2 large planters for just $25. I actually had a little wood left over too. I just used 2 x 8s for the planters themselves and 2x2s for the corner braces and cross pieces. I needed to make room for my fig tree, which may or may not be dead, so I designed "L" shaped planters.

I originally saw a raised planter tutorial over on The Pioneer Woman and I thought it was a little silly how complicated she made the instructions. My dad and I are cut from the same cloth: we are not slaves to detail when something is as simple as a raised planter.

With me on the Skil saw and him manning the drill, we were able to whip out these babies in about a half hour. Not too shabby. And no wasting time predrilling or measuring out where to put the screws!

In place but looking pretty empty. I need to dig up that rosemary plant that is in the way.

To complete the project I needed dirt. So the next day I called my dad again and we went and picked up his dump trailer over at my stepbrother's. Now this task of getting dirt ending up taking all afternoon because Brett left the trailer full of grass so we had to go all the way back to the Tacoma landfill to dump off the yard waste and then all the way back to the port to get Tagro potting soil and then we couldn't dump it in my alley because the battery on the dump trailer died. So dad had to go home and charge the battery and then come back 2 hours later to leave this pile of 2 yards of deliciously stinky soil in the alley. Sheesh.

Looks are deceiving. That is a pretty darn big pile of dirt.
And on this I am on my own. Dad said, "Have fun moving the soil." My husband wasn't too interested in this either since I am the one that out of the blue decided I needed raised planters now. So this weekend is supposed to be nice and it is going to be me with a shovel and a wheel barrow. And I still can't plant anything because it has been so cold out but I will be satisfied with my work!

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