Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Felting with Rocks, Beads, and Rubber Bands

My friend Rebecca recently took a 3-day felting class and came home with all sorts of new techniques for felting. Unfortunately, with a new roof being installed at our house, I felt a 3 day workshop a tad out of my financial range this month.

But seeing her samples inspired me to go home and try some of my own experimentation. I pre-felted the samples above--that means you felt them until the fibers start to cling together but not far enough to shrink. Then I had fun tying rocks and beads inside the felt with rubber bands. I added some binder clips too. This process is very time consuming because you have to go back and felt each bump and wrinkle and it takes forever.
Then you have to wait for them to completely dry before taking it all apart and then felting some more. Mine were still soaking wet by the end of the day even though I set them out in the sun so I might not be able to mess with them until tomorrow.

Experimenting is fun!


  1. These are cool, I can't wait to see them dry.

  2. They are a bit of a fail. I didn't felt them far enough before tying them. But I will post photos of them by the end of the week with the new (hopefully, improved) samples I am making tomorrow!