Monday, May 16, 2011

The Noise is Driving Me Crazy

Wow, our roofers finally made it to work on our house today after a week long delay and I never imagined how loud it would be.

I know what you're thinking--What? How could putting on a new roof not be loud?

It's more than loud. It's shaking the house and windows and brain sort of loud. The cats are running around the house, low to the ground, looking terrified. Today is just the tear out and the redoing of the plywood sheeting and laying down felt paper. Tomorrow will be the actual laying down the shingles part. I am amazed at how quick they are.
Earlier, I had to escape to the gym and then the coffee shop to get away from the noise. Trevor put on his noise cancelling headphones and kept working away. I just put on my noise cancelling headphones and have Gustav Holst's The Planets: Mars, Bringer of War blasting in my ears and it is helping a bit. But every so often everything in the office shakes and I think a window is going to break. I wish I had the CD of Wagner's Die Walkure that I just ordered. That would definitely distract me from the hammering and banging and sawing.

The roofers cut into the back roof addition (which was rotting from the inside out and brought on this whole project) and realized all the rafters needed replacing too. I am not looking forward to getting the add-on bill. Right now is denial, denial, denial.

But, hey, on a good note, there will be no chance of our roof leaking in the next 30 years! I think we are done with large house projects for the year. A roof and a heat pump within 2 months of each other is a lot: emotionally and money wise.

Although, on a total side note, I do love our new heat pump. We just received our first utility bill and the last two months had quite a bit of unseasonally cool weather and the new bill was only $68 more than normal for 2 months. I know the middle of winter will be more expensive, but, if this is indicative of the rest of the year's bill, I will take it. We will easily save $1200 a year in heating costs!

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