Thursday, May 19, 2011

What a Big Table You Have!

Our dining room table just wasn't cutting it anymore for creating big felt pieces. I am trying to clean up the garage studio to move my felting out there and so I needed a nice long table to felt upon.

Who knew nobody in town keeps an 8' work table in stock? I had to order it from Office Depot online and spend $25 for shipping but it did come in just 3 days and the men that delivered it were awfully sweet. I made the height taller by adding pieces PVC tubing to each leg. It's amazing how much more enjoyable something is if your back isn't hurting!

Now I can lay out extra long silk for nuno felting.
I may need to figure out how to make the scarves even longer by rolling them up as I make them, but this will do for now.

I have been searching for a new studio space for my felting. My garage doesn't have any water and I thought it would be more beneficial to have a space with a big sink. But I've looked at 2 artist spaces in the last week and while they were both pretty big and reasonably priced, water was an issue. So I am going to try and make my garage work for the summer. If I get into the fiber arts program I applied for then I will definitely need a studio. Until then, I can make slugs and scarves galore in my garage!

I think this may be my first scarf I put for sale on ETSY. I am taking it to a felting demo on Saturday but next week I plan to have a couple of scarves and a few slugs for sale.

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