Monday, May 23, 2011

Organic Gardening is a Never Ending Process

Note to self: Please don't wait until the grass is knee level until you want to cut it. That was how high it was in our little patch of eco-lawn in the back yard. Weed whacking all the way. The front yard was better: only 8" or so tall. I was able to get out the push mower to do a lot of it but I had to go over each spot two or three times.

Now, most of my neighbors think we are crazy to use a push mower instead of the old gas powered one I had and gave away. Sustainable living requires commitment. We are not so good in all levels of our life, but in taking care of the lawn I would rather have a bunch of weeds than weed killer.

I love this little volunteer fir that is coming up. I have to keep trimming it like a Bonsai or it will tear apart the wall!

Many parts of our yard are looking pretty good now that we are finally past the cold spells and into the heart of Spring. Alliums are my favorite flowers.
Other parts are not looking too hot. This whole bit needs to be dug up because invasive grasses and asters have taken over. It looks awful right now and it is the part that is most visible in our front lawn!
Fingers crossed the weather will be mild enough all week that I can keep going out and dedicating an hour or three every day to weeding. Then I will let myself plant some new items, but only after things are starting to look decent!

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