Thursday, September 29, 2011

52 Weeks of Mail

In the last couple of years a lot of people having been jumping onto the 365-days-type-of-projects bandwagon.  As in, take a photo every day for a year or maybe you have heard of the Skull A Day started in 2007 by Noah Scalin.   I know enough about myself to recognize that those are projects I am not detail oriented enough to participate in.  I would probably be zealous for a week or two and then let it drop off.

Well, some of the folks at ETSY have come up with a new project; one mainly to advertise the cards sold on their site I think or maybe they were put up to it by the United States Post Office, but I like it and I am going to participate myself.

It's called 52 Weeks of Mail.  All this project is about it committing to mail one personal piece of mail per week.  To anyone.  And each letter can go to a different person all year long.

As I have been cleaning my office in preparation of moving, I have found dozens upon dozens of hand made cards I have purchased over the years (always trying to do my best to support independent artists!) but never sent or given to anyone.  I may try and make a few cards of my own too.  I am excited about this project because it will inspire me to create small little works of art and to connect with people I may not stay in touch with.  Or maybe I will send surprise cards to my friends and family just to say hi.  You should participate too!  Go to the 52 Weeks of Mail Facebook page and click "like" and there you go!  This project starts October 9th, so you only have a little time to think about it.  I will be posting photos of my cards as I move through the project.  Fun!


  1. Love the post! Thank you! LOL at the "one mainly to advertise the cards sold on their site I think or maybe they were put up to it by the United States Post Office, but I like it and I am going to participate myself." part.

    I actually came up with this idea myself, not to advertise cards, and not prompted by the USPS. :-) I just am REALLY bad about staying connected to my friends and loved ones, and I am trying to be more intentional about my relationships, so I wanted to send a card a week for a year. I'm really bad at not following through with things I start, so I am really wanting to actually follow through on this one! :-)

    I thought my Etsy team, Etsy Greetings Team might like to join in on this, because most on the team are creators of handmade cards. So, in essence, the event is brought to you by the Etsy Greetings Team, but not just to promote our own products. :-)

    I hope you really enjoy this next year, and I hope the recipients of your cards will too!

    Let us know on the Facebook page how you're doing throughout this event. It'll be fun to hear what everyone does, and to see if everyone who participates gets cards back!

    Have a great day!


  2. Thanks! Glad to know it was heartfelt and not snarky marketing! (I always lean towards the snark) I am looking forward to see all the goodies that are getting sent out, fabulous idea!

  3. hi, a friend linked me via Facebook and it so happens that Noah Scalin is my son. I've been writing at least one personal letter a week for a loooong time, and I hope lots of others pledge to do that same. It's amazing what happens when you send a letter, or mail art daily, as I do. Amazing. You receive mail! Really, you do.

  4. So glad you found my post, Mim, I am really looking forward to this project!