Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jewelry for Your Wall

 I upped my scale on my tin flowers the other day, just on a whim, for fun, to see what would happen.  And I liked it so much I kept making more flowers all week long.  I just delivered all of these to Matter! Gallery in Olympia.
I have been saving up lots of larger, interesting pieces of tin knowing that I probably couldn't use them as jewelry but setting them aside.  And now I have a great way to showcase them.  I love the "Kiss for You."
These are also a nice study in color and form and fun to play with all the different tins I have.
They range from 7" wide to about 11" and look nice in arrangements with other pieces of art or in smaller rooms like the bathroom.  I am making some even larger ones too for more dramatic spaces like over the mantel or in the dining room. 

Who doesn't want a monkey on a giraffe in their life?

This "Green Jeans" guy was from a Versace perfume tin.  Fancy!
I just love working with reclaimed tin!  Look for some more of these soon on Etsy!


  1. Great idea. I like the color combos. I would like to see one hung on the wall among framed pictures.

  2. Thanks for the idea. I plan on taking photos of them in use but these 6 I had to get to the gallery asap. More pics of new pieces coming soon!