Monday, September 12, 2011

Kinda Fun

If it seems like my blog posts the last week before have been a little thin on content, there is a reason.  I have been a little preoccupied because we were busy getting the giant stack of paperwork together to prequalify for a home loan.  Only they aren't allowed to call it prequalification anymore, but it is the same thing.  And we had to get all our paperwork together because we found a house.

Actually, we have found 3 houses we like.  And we have made offers on 2 of them.  The first one we made an offer on was a pretty small house but it's in a pretty good neighborhood and we made a low ball offer and the seller countered with a fair price.  Which, under normal circumstances, we would have taken. 

However, in the meantime of the 1st seller dragging his feet about accepting our offer, we found a different house.  We actually had viewed the house twice before but felt it a little too big. (Our biggest problem has been that the houses are either too small or too big.  I think I would prefer too big.) Anyways, it turns out the sellers on this 2nd house sound motivated to sell and so they are willing to help finance so we can avoid mortgage insurance.  It's tough when we know we can make the mortgage payments fine but the bank doesn't take my income as an artist very seriously.  Now, working it all out will get complicated with lots of paper work involved and we are so lucky with the realtor we have but there is a chance it might not work out and while we will try our hardest to make it work, I am not going to be broken hearted for long about it if it doesn't work out. 

Because now we know we don't have to settle for the little house.  We can keep looking until we find what we want. 

We are keeping our old house to rent out which makes everything more complicated, but it also gives us the breathing room that we don't have to rush out and buy immediately.  The market, obviously, isn't going anywhere up anytime soon, so we don't have that pressure either.  While we were freaking out about this the other night my husband pointed out that it was awfully nice that we were just freaking out about 1st world problems.  Which made us both laugh and realize there is no point getting all worked up over something like a house.  We've been good.  We've lived in a cheap house in a cheap neighborhood while we saved, saved, saved, and built up credit and equity.  We share a car.  (An old car.) We are ready to move up a little.

And hopefully, soon, I will be able to start sharing about whatever new home we end up with.  But it is exciting.  And distracting.  And kinda fun.

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  1. I am just dying of curiosity! What houses have you been looking at? Won't you please sneak me the listing?!