Monday, September 19, 2011

Let the Madness Begin!

After a week of back and forth, the owners of the house we really want accepted our offer!


Okay, that is all the time I get for celebration.  The inspection isn't until later in the week, and knock on wood that it will turn out just fine, but we are starting to clean and organize now because we will need to get our house ready to show for rental in about 4 weeks.  Plus packing.  Plus I start my Fiber Arts course October 1st.  Plus studio tours are coming up.  YIKES!  In the teeny tiny event that something falls through and we don't get the house, then at least we are doing some major cleaning, purging, and fixer upper stuff. 

These boxes are just full of fabric and patterns and photos.  Plus there's 2 more big bins behind them with more fabric.  I am not allowed to buy fabric anymore.  Seriously. 
Based on some simple calculations it looks like we will need at least 150 boxes.  Probably 50 of them alone will be art related supplies of mine.  It is very hard for me to give up art supplies.  Every time I do it, I regret it a day, a month, a year later.  Breaking up is hard to do!

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