Friday, September 30, 2011

Lost Forever

You know what is lost forever?  The 3 hours I wasted today at Fred Meyers, JoAnn Fabrics, and Michael's looking for art supplies for my new Fiber Arts program I am starting tomorrow.

The instructor sent us a long list of things to acquire with only 2 days to get them and I have been a little peeved at how little time 48 hours really is.

The funny thing is that most of the items I have--scrap fabric, ribbon, twine, paper, etc.  I already packed up not thinking I would need them and now I am unpacking boxes to get back to them!  I guess the instructor is just having us bring these easy, on hand items for experimenting the first day since it is a 7 hour class and we need something to do.  I was assuming I would bring my wool goodies.  Guess not.

But the worst part of this whole scenario  (I am actually very excited about this course, don't get me wrong by my ranting) and what this whole posting is really about is the state of goods for creative storage.

I am talking about art bins and scrapbooking folders and sewing boxes.  I had an image in my mind of a simple medium sized box with a handle to put my goodies in.  I don't want to buy anything too flashy yet since I am not exactly sure how my storage needs will progress through out the year in this program.  However, I was baffled and amazed by the amount of choices for these fancy bins.  Bins with collapsible shelves and pull out trays and on wheels.  Or not on wheels.  And fabric or plastic. Most of all, I was baffled and amazed by the prices.

$89 for a crafty storage container???  You have got to be kidding me!  Even the most simple box with handle was still over $20.  I don't know why I have missed out on knowing about all the fancy containers available in the world.  There were entire rows of crafty storage at JoAnn's.  Do people seriously spend more money on their storage than the art supplies themselves?  Especially annoying was that a lot of them were in ultra feminine patterns and colors like pink and pastel blue.

I realized what I really wanted was a tackle box.  But I didn't want to haul myself all the way back to Fred Meyers so I popped into Goodwill on the way home thinking I would look for tins at any rate (I found 3 really nice ones to cut up for art) and found the above art bin for $2.99.  Yep.  Pretty smug with myself right now.  It has glitter stuck down all inside it and a label on the outside that says "Glitter" so I ended up with a girly bin after all.  But is will work for now and it was cheap.

It will probably end up being too small.  But better than then $89!  I think I would be embarrassed to take a $89 bin into art class.

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